Antiparos is a small island, right next to Paros. Our small paradise is a perfect place to relax and experience a traditional Cycladic environment. Antiparos is not that well known among millions of travelers visiting Greece. But it’s quite famous among famous people. Many Hollywood stars, charmed by the beauty of our island, acquired beautiful villas here. Tom Hanks is one of them and is considered, after so many years, one of the local residents.

Our small, yet picturesque main town, it’s something you must explore, both during the night and day. White beautiful alleys with blue windows, boutique shops, restaurants and taverns, inspire every visitor of Antiparos.


Antiparos – unspoiled historic destination
Northeast of Antiparos town, there is an small island called Saliagos. Few people are familiar with the fact that in this petit place, the oldest known settlement of the Cyclades was discovered. Aging about 5500 years, this ancient “village” makes Antiparos one of the most important historical places in Mediterranean.


Various activities
Don’t let the size of Antiparos trick you regarding filling your time on our island. Depending on what refreshes your body and soul, you can participate in many activities. Sailing, cycling, trekking, water sports are the just a peek of what you can do in Antiparos. If you are a windsurfing enthusiast, you can rent equipment and take a lesson on one of our beaches. Of course, you can get to Pounda in Paros, just opposite to Antiparos, where windsurfing and kite surfing is worshiped.
If you like to try to do little fishing, but you don’t have equipment, there are many specialized shops in the town. Just be aware of the restrictions regarding the area and season.

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Antiparos Cave is probably the most impressive natural attraction in central Aegean. This work of art covers 5600 sq.m, its entrance is elevated at 171m. above ground level and its depth reaches 85m. Antiparos Cave features stalactites and stalagmites in all its interior area.


First signs of the cave occupation by humans, take us back thousands of years. But the first official presence was recorded by poet named Archilohos (728 – 650 B.C.). Other important visitor of Antiparos Cave were king of Greece Otto in 1840, French ambassador Marquis de Nointel in 1673. Therefore, one can understand that this sight had “tourists” visiting the cave for hundreds of years.


At the entrance of Antiparos Cave, you will see a small yet famous and picturesque chapel, Ai-Giannis. It is connected internally with even older chapel, named Zoodochou Pigis. The astonishing fact regarding this one is that it is 350 years old. A local festival is organized in Ai-Giannis chapel on May 7th and 8th, with local dishes and local drink, called Tsikoudia.


Antiparos Cave can be reached really easily, especially if you have your owne mean of transport. If not, there is a local bus line departing from Antiparos port on a regular basis.

antiparos cave

If you like unspoiled environment with crystal clear sea, Antiparos beaches will not disappoint you. Near the main town there are plenty of them and you can get to them even on foot. You can easy access Psaralyki 1th & 2nd beach, Sifneiko (or Sunset Beach), Agios Spyridonas, Kalargyrous beach, on Camping beach. Near Asteras Rooms & Apartments, you will find 1th Psaralyki beach and little bit further, the 2nd Psaralyki.


Few kilometres away from town, you will find few beautiful Antiparos beaches, accessible by public bus. Therefore, you should visit some of them. Glyfa beach is definitely worth a visit. Situated only 4.5km away from the port of Antiparos, this place is stunning and popular. You will find an organized environment with water sport center, beach bar, umbrellas and sunbeds.


Another location worth visiting, 9km away from the main town, is called Soros beach.  This is the longest among Antiparos beaches and you will find restaurants and taverns nearby.

antiparos beaches

This is something you can’t do every day, walking from an island to an island. Just few hundred meters of Antiparos north coast, there is a small islet called Feira. It has probably the easiest access among Greek islands, by foot! You can start walking towards Feira from Camping beach. You should take into your consideration that the landscape changes, therefore you might have to swim few meters.